Railway OHE Structure

OHE (Over Head Equipment-Cantilever)

Cantilever hold the assembly of contact wire , catenary and dropper assembly. It transfers all vertical load, lateral forces and bending moment load through insulator to Mast. It is an insulated swiveling type structural member and keeps the overhead catenary system in a position assisting smooth current collection by the pantograph at the designed speed.  It is flexible with all joints having swiveling arrangement permitting movement in all direction.


Portal structures are used to accommodate OHE of many lines (2 to 8 tracks) where it is not possible to erect independent mast due to restriction of track center.
There are three types of portal namely N, O and R type. Clear span (distance between inner face) in N type- 10- 20M (4 tracks), O type – 20-30M (upto 6 tracks), R type – 30-40M (upto 8 tracks).


Different types of steel mast which are used in railway are BFB (broad flanged beam), RSJ (rolled steel joist) and K-type, B-type fabricated mast.

Selection of Mast

General guidelines for use of different design of mast is as follows:
Normal location and OHE on tangent Track :BFB Mast
Normal Location on curves : RSJ Mast
Structures with multiple OHE with anchorage:K150, 175
Turn-out location with higher torsion stress: K200, 250


Two track Cantilever Structure (TTC)

This is an alternative where it is not possible to manage with mast as well as portal.

SPS (Small Part Steel)

TSS (Traction Sub-Station)

All Products

Pole Division

  • High Mast
  • Monopole
  • Octagonal Lighting Poles
  • Flag Mast
  • Signange mast
  • Stadium Mast
  • Unipole
  • Smart City Structure
  • Swaged Tubular Pole

Solar Structures

  • Solar Irrigation Pump Structure
  • Solar Panel Mounting Structure
  • Solar Dual Pump Structure
  • Solar Street Light Poles
  • Solar Rooftop Structures
  • Multi Level Vehicle Parking Solar Structure
  • Solar Water Heater Structures
  • Earthing Strips
  • Household/Domestic Lighting Structure

Transmission Line Tower

  • TLT 33KV / 132KV / 220KV / 400KV
  • Sub Station / Switch Yard Structure

Rural Electrification

  • Cross Arms
  • Top Brackets
  • Steel Poles
  • Clamps

Railway OHE Structure

  • Mast
  • Portal
  • Small Parts of Steel (SPS)
  • TTC Structures

Electrical Engineering Division

  • Indoor type VCB (11KV / 33 KV)
  • Outdoor type PCVCB (11KV / 33 KV)
  • C&R Panel for FDR & XMER with diff. & w/o diff. protection (11KV / 33 KV / 132 KV / 220 KV)
  • Main LT Panel
  • Bus-duct system
  • DG to EB back synchronizing Panel
  • DG to DG synchronizing Panel
  • Synchronizing Control Desk
  • PDB Panel
  • APFC Panel
  • VFD Panel
  • MCC Panel
  • AC/DC Panel
  • PLC Panel
  • Pump Controller starter
  • Solar Controller – AC/DC (3HP, 5HP, 10HP)
  • Solar ACDB Panel
  • Control Desk
  • SPN/TPN DB Boxes – Single & Double door Type (4WAY – 16WAY)
  • Server Rack (4U to 42U as per Standard)

ERW Pipes

  • M.S. Pipes (Square, Rectangular & Round)
  • G.I. Pipes (Square, Rectangular & Round)

Wire Mill

  • Wire Rod 5mm / 5.5mm / 6mm
  • H.B. Wire
  • TMT 5.5mm / 6mm


  • Metal Beam Crash Barriers

CSR Porducts

  • Dustbins
  • Handsfree Handwash Equipment
  • Water Mist Cannons
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