Rolling Mill

Rolling Mill

RR ISPAT offers wire rods in 5.0mm, 5.5mm & 6mm diameters, TMT in 5.5mm – 6mm and Cold Rolled TMT also known as ‘Taquari’ in 5mm diameters from its unit at the existing 214000 mt/annum and proposed 3 lakh mt/annum capacities. The 3lakh mt/annum capacity wire rod mill at Urla, Raipur is equipped with latest technology.

The mill is operated with advanced rolling equipment such as reducing and sizing mill (RSM), high speed shear, pinch rolls and laying heads along with controlled temperature rolling and controlled cooling to meet the processing requirements of various grades of carbon and alloy steel. This results in improved mechanical properties. 

The wire rods come with the promise of high quality and dimensional precision. The latest technology that comes with state of the art mill assures high degree of thermo mechanical properties along with unparalleled dimensional accuracy, providing consistency of mechanical properties within a coil and from coil to coil. Therefore, the wire rods are the material of choice among wire drawers across the country.

The mill is equipped with coil reforming technology which ensures that the coils are shipped with adequate care and reach customers with excellent coil stability without any damage. The company continues to improve and innovate to produce the best of quality and develop systems that can deliver its products at the end user’s door-step in excellent condition. The quality assurance system equipped with modern equipments and highly skilled work force constantly strives to get the best of products by controlling entire process at every vital point.

Wire Rod


TMT (in Coil)


TMT (in straight Length)


H.B. Wire (Hard Bright Wire)

16 SWG
14 SWG
12 SWG
10 SWG
08 SWG
06 SWG

Wire Drawn Unit

H.B. Wire is a raw material for manufacturing of G.I. Wire, Binding Wire, Weld Mesh, Welding Electrodes, etc and for other uses such as Cement Pole, Cement Pipe, Bridges, and Handicrafts. 

  1. B. Wire is highly used n for manufacturing Nails and Cycle Spokes, GI Wires, chain links, barbed wire etc. 

We offer hard bright drawn wire ranging from sizes 2mm to 5mm for various end applications, providing exceptional dimensional tolerance. 

The advantage of our wire product is, it can be further used for drawing into finer wires for various application according to need of customer. 



RR Ispat wire rods are suitable for a wide range of applications such as:-

Fasteners, bolts, rivets, screws  * General purpose wires *  Wire Mesh *  Bush wires, chain rivet wires

  •  Electrode wires, industrial wires, agriculture wires * Tyre and hose reinforcement wires
  •  Umbrella ribs, upholstery wires, cycle spokes, needle wires, heald wires, staple pin wire, safety pin wires

Wire Rods from RR Ispat come with a promise of consistent quality and high dimensional

PRODUCT SPECIFICATION                                 GRADES                                                          DIMENSIONAL TOLERANCE

  • Plain rod : 5.0, 5.5 – 6 mm          *Low carbon grades : SAE 1008/ 1010/ 1012                      * Size (mm) : 0.1% – 0.5%

              (in 0.5 mm increments)                       (IS 7887 Grade 3 and above)                                        *Tolerance (mm) : +/- 0.10

  • Coil weight : 1.8 tones maximum          Electrode quality grades : EQ IS 2879 (in process)     *Maximum quality (mm): 0.12
  • Coil| outside diameter: 1250 mm
  • Coil  inside diameter: 850 mm

All Products

Pole Division

  • High Mast
  • Monopole
  • Octagonal Lighting Poles
  • Flag Mast
  • Signange mast
  • Stadium Mast
  • Unipole
  • Smart City Structure
  • Swaged Tubular Pole

Solar Structures

  • Solar Irrigation Pump Structure
  • Solar Panel Mounting Structure
  • Solar Dual Pump Structure
  • Solar Street Light Poles
  • Solar Rooftop Structures
  • Multi Level Vehicle Parking Solar Structure
  • Solar Water Heater Structures
  • Earthing Strips
  • Household/Domestic Lighting Structure

Transmission Line Tower

  • TLT 33KV / 132KV / 220KV / 400KV
  • Sub Station / Switch Yard Structure

Rural Electrification

  • Cross Arms
  • Top Brackets
  • Steel Poles
  • Clamps

Railway OHE Structure

  • Mast
  • Portal
  • Small Parts of Steel (SPS)
  • TTC Structures

Electrical Engineering Division

  • Indoor type VCB (11KV / 33 KV)
  • Outdoor type PCVCB (11KV / 33 KV)
  • C&R Panel for FDR & XMER with diff. & w/o diff. protection (11KV / 33 KV / 132 KV / 220 KV)
  • Main LT Panel
  • Bus-duct system
  • DG to EB back synchronizing Panel
  • DG to DG synchronizing Panel
  • Synchronizing Control Desk
  • PDB Panel
  • APFC Panel
  • VFD Panel
  • MCC Panel
  • AC/DC Panel
  • PLC Panel
  • Pump Controller starter
  • Solar Controller – AC/DC (3HP, 5HP, 10HP)
  • Solar ACDB Panel
  • Control Desk
  • SPN/TPN DB Boxes – Single & Double door Type (4WAY – 16WAY)
  • Server Rack (4U to 42U as per Standard)

ERW Pipes

  • M.S. Pipes (Square, Rectangular & Round)
  • G.I. Pipes (Square, Rectangular & Round)

Wire Mill

  • Wire Rod 5mm / 5.5mm / 6mm
  • H.B. Wire
  • TMT 5.5mm / 6mm


  • Metal Beam Crash Barriers

CSR Porducts

  • Dustbins
  • Handsfree Handwash Equipment
  • Water Mist Cannons
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